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BrazilianStudz: No Rest in this Room - Gregorio, Manuel and Pedro

After this hot threesome it seems that Hernan should have been out of luck. Not so much. When Gregorio Guerrero walks in looking like a Greek fucking god it doesn’t seem it can get any better. The addition of Manuel Lozano proves that life really can be perfect. He gets down on Gregorio’s cock like a man obsessed. Just watching Gregorio’s body flex while Manuel sucks his cock will get your first nut of the scene out and in your cum rag. When Gregorio starts ramming Manuel’s sweet hole it’s reason enough to shoot a second. Add to that a voyeuristic Pedro Pineda and you’ve the makings for more than a guy can handle in one sitting. Gregorio and Manuel slow down when Pedro first enters, but when Manuel realizes the young fuck wants to watch he starts pushing himself back on Gregorio’s cock so hard the whole mall must have heard that nut slap. When Gregorio shoots on Manuel’s back it’s time for the next batter up. While Pablo’s built much thinner than Gregorio he’s hung even heavier. Manuel takes his second fuck from the hot twink while a never sated Hernan watches. Watching Pablo shoot right on Manuel’s fucking tongue is enough to make anyone squirt. Wish I could have had a nice deep kiss with the hot fucker to share that load.

Posted on: March 22, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Poolside Heat - Ramon Mendez and Rodrigo Jacques

Our shy voyeur burly Brazilian Ramon finally finds himself alone in the pool to do power laps. His solitude is shattered by the splash of hot super muscular porn star, Rodrigo Jacques and promptly a battle of the bods begin as to which beauty is hotter. It doesn’t seem to matter. The two big-dicked muscle hunks affectionately suck, lick, pose, and kiss each other until they lead each other hand in hand behind a hidden statue nook. We are then treated to Ramon’s bubble-boy butt as he prepares Rodrigo’s puckered opening. Grasping onto the statue for dear life, Ramon continues to drill his juicy cock deeper into the even juicier ass of Rodrigo. Finally, the lion statue is glazed by the white varnish of their bone-anza and Ramon finally gets what his ear-lier timidness almost prevented him from getting, as they jump into the turquoise pool to wash off their sweat and cum.

Posted on: March 20, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Spanish Playhouse 2 - Adrian, Martin and Tommy

Oh, Manuel. How could you even think about your hot Tommy with anyone else? Well, OK, it’s fucking hot, that’s for sure. And it’s a dream, so why not think big? And hot? And ….. Add Martin Soto and Adrian Perez to the mix and the threesome, well, is smoking. There is so much tongue in this scene that it will make anyone wet even before shooting. The three play with each other, sucking and licking and licking and licking some more before Martin bends over to suck Tommy, which gives Adrian the opening he needs to, well, suck and eventually fuck. The men end up in a hot three-way fuck with Martin in the middle. Tommy is the cum whore in the end, though, as Adrian with his full, round balls and Martin with his low hangers and nicely curved cock shoot all over the lad.

Posted on: March 19, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Underwater - Darien Leon, Denis Mello and Ramon Mendez

The finale to this ball-busting blockbuster begins when super XXX-men Ramon Mendez and Denis Mello entice their soon-to-be sex slave Darrien Leon who innocently attempts to please both brazilian gods in an impressive underwater dick dance. Its a miracle that all three hotties are able to keep their underwater rods stiffer than a pool stick and engorged like a stuffed Rio de Janeiro red pepper! Cutie bottom Darrien then makes his tight ass-shaft ready and waiting for the penile paradise of the two moist, macho men. The searing sex scene ends up on the same mirrored dungeon-bed where sex-star Ramon crams his humungous man-muscle into his pleas-ure-seeking bottom for an all-out portuguese penetration!

Posted on: March 17, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Bananas From Brazil 3 - Bernaldo Pires and Carlos de Olivira

Bernaldo Pires is a serious looking dude who sports a beret. Very beefy and masculine, he's tucked tightly into a uniform of some sort, but whatever his job is has him bored. So, he calls kimono-clad Carlos de Olivira to spice up the day. The good looking Carlos needs no "hellos" before he's on his knees in front of big boy Bernaldo. Bernaldo has a cock so thick that it's really unfair to expect one man to take it on, but boy does Carlos try! He wraps his workaholic mouth around it and holds it there as long as possible as a show of sheer willpower. Bernaldo is a big man with a lot of muscle weight on him, a lot of which is due to cock size! After Carlos has spent enough time on his dick to have earned his mouth a rest, the all-business Bernaldo turns him around to play with his ass. Carlos has an ass worth spending lots of attention on, and Carlos pries the cheeks wide open in preparation for what the hole will need to take his uncut horror. However, Carlos is an obvious pro, and with the help of copious lube, Bernaldo not only gets his cock all the way in, but he's able to fuck Carlos with speed! Carlos even helps out by gyrating his ass around the dick as nasty Bernaldo slams at him. The director sure found the perfect bottom for this super demanding top. Still with the beret on, beefcake Bernaldo also fucks Carlos missionary, without losing any energy at all, and Carlos keeps up with him bravely. The fuck in this wildly potent scene goes on a very long time until Bernaldo finally pulls out for an enormous shot worthy of his pent-up style. Carlos has a juicy spill as well, proof that in Part 3, the best was saved for last.

Posted on: March 15, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Arabian Fantasy - Badi, Bayyhan, Nur and Saud

Here is the first scene from our new series of Arabian Fantasy films. We first see the beautiful Nur Aldin enter into his sitting room with his book. He’s got an amazing body with trim body hair that makes you want to tackle him. As he opens up a book and starts caressing himself for the camera we are transported into his fantasy world where we find a couple of horny daddies sitting back with a young twink. The twink, Badi Alzaman, is going to town on the big dick of Saud Taiu while Bayyhan Azhar sits back pulling on his own massive prick. Before long, though, Bayyhan makes his way over to the action and Badi as mouthing both guys at the same time. Then he bends over to suck Saud’s cock and Bayyhan takes the opportunity to play with his hole a little. You can tell by the sounds of his moans that Bayyhan is bigger than he is used to and watching that fat cock get forced into that little hole is enough to make you reach for the lube yourself. Once he gets going, though, it’s smooth sailing. These two daddies picked the perfect boy for a spit roast and the really enjoy his holes. While the whole scene is hot there is something especially erotic about Badi climbing up on Saud’s lap to take that cock in his ass while Bayyhan returns to his chair to watch and beat off. All three guys finish with creamy loads on the coffee table that they work into the wood with their dicks. Tasty way to polish the furniture!

Posted on: March 13, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Bathhouse Exxxtasy - Tommy Lima

Tommy Lima has finally decided it’s time to get off. He leans back in the sauna and starts rubbing his pecker for us to watch. That vibrator finally finds its way up his ass as he looks straight into our eyes and teases us with those full lips. One of the hottest things about Alexander’s solo scenes is that the studs stroking look right into the camera and let us see just how much they like being watched. Tommy shoots a nice load on that flat stomach of his to close this hot visit to the baths.

Posted on: March 12, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Arabian Fantasy - Murad Muti, Nabih Sirajh and Nur Aldin

Fantasy and role-playing is fun. Our studz continue with the fun, but most importantly the hot hard action. After another brief look at Nur enjoying himself and his reading we meet Murad Muti and Nabih Sirajh. After a bit of making out Nabih has his lips wrapped around Murad’s fat schlong. His dick’s almost as big around as his wrist and Nabih has some trouble getting it into his mouth. He does his best, though, and shortly after the boys strip down they both cum on their flat stomachs.

Posted on: March 10, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Arabian Fantasy - Muzzafar, Nur Aldin and Rasul Ramadan

Fantasy and role-playing is fun. Our studz continue with the fun, but most importantly the hot hard action. Nur can’t seem to keep his hands off himself. When we cut back to him he’s dropping his pants and pulling on his boner. He’s one of the guys who clearly gets off being watched while he pleasures himself and takes a good long time with his dick. When the camera gets right up under his nuts, though, it makes you wonder how Alexander doesn’t just throw the video equipment down and grab Nur’s equipment for a little off the clock fun. Alas, though, Nur walks into a luxurious bathroom, lights some candles and gets himself ready by the tub. While we join Muzzafar and Rasul Ramadan laid back on a big bed in a tight liplock. After the boys exchange some head that moves into a 69, Muzzafar gets on his back for some ass licking, cock sucking and finger fucking. Rasul is working a couple of fingers up Muzzafar’s ass between licking it out like a hot cunt. When he gets up on his knees and starts fucking Muzzafar it’s hard and fast from the start. Muzzafar, of course, takes it like the world class bottom that he is. Not to be shown up, though, he gets Rasul on his knees, gives his hole a lick and climbs in to show that he can top with the best of them as well. Rasul is smiling and laughing the whole time. Seems he’d been waiting for this fuck for quite a while and he really enjoys the ride. These guys cum a bucket load on a glass top table. This shot will leave your mouth watering and when you hear Muzzafar’s cum hitting that glass you may lose your load!

Posted on: March 09, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Jungle Cruisers 2 - Antonio, Bruno and Marco

Finally, all the boys Antonio Pinto, Bruno Santos, and Marco Santos that were watching through the jungle brush decide to join in for a game of “suck-me, suck-you.” When the Indian boy inserts his .... into the insatiable bottom, a virtual smorgasborg of uncut, brown smoothies up the ante to “you-fuck, me-fuck!” Finally, a milky creaming of cum-globules drizzle over the cool tattoos of the blistering Brazilian beefcakes as they spew their sex salsa in loads of ball-draining delight. Orgasmic juices mingle on the concrete floor of the make-shift, tropical love-shack, where so many sticky sex scenes are sure to end up in your Jungle-Wet dreams

Posted on: March 08, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Prison Breakers - Carlos Vega and Miguel Torres

One of my very favorite of Alexander’s tops, Miguel Torres, is caught by a trio of studs out for a walk with his hands all over Carlos Vega. As Manuel Lozano and his buddies look on, Miguel gets Carlos right where he wants him. One of the hottest things about Miguel is that he makes it obvious that he’s not a stranger to cruising public places for sex. The way he looks around and keeps an eye out for someone to walk up on him getting his nut in yet another boy’s ass adds to the excitement of watching. He has a huge dick and is no stranger to using whatever hole he can find to make it feel good. Watching him fuck is incredible not just because you know he ruining Carlos hole but because of how much he clearly enjoys it. As he’s fucking this little red head he takes the time for a few slow strokes. He pulls his prick all the way out of Carlos stretched out hole and let’s us see how loose he’s made him. The other thing that is hot about Miguel’s fuck is that he is willing to take time to switch positions to make sure that he’s enjoyed an ass at the best angle. When he rolls Carlos over and forces that bone back in that hole you know he’s enjoying himself. He doesn’t even pause when he gets caught by another inmate, he just keeps on fucking and asks him to keep an eye out for the guard. Miguel fucks the cum right out of Carlos’ balls and then shoots his own load all over the boy’s flat belly. What a way to start a picture!

Posted on: March 06, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Arabian Fantasy - Falan Kadin, Nur Aldin and Samir Miyhar

And the fantasy continues..... Nur is standing next to the bath tub when we return to find him pulling on his dick. He gets the water running and is clearly going to enjoy a hot bath. We wander off to find Falan Kadin and Samir Miyhar chatting on the couch and quickly moving towards a hot encounter. These slim studs both have full lips made for sucking dick and the quickly go to town showing off their natural gifts. When they enter into a sixty-nine on the couch you can’t help but wonder who’s going to be doing the fucking. It’s a pleasant surprise to see that it is another versatile couple. Samir, though, impresses by maintaining an impressive erection the whole time he is fucking himself on Falan’s dick. Falan’s balls pull up tight from the stroking he’s getting from Samir’s hole, too. When Samir’s taken all he can he stands up and creams Falan’s chest before Falan makes his own mess on his stomach.

Posted on: March 04, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Arabian Playhouse - Almahdi, Khuzaymajan and Riyadh

Here is another of our fantasy features as you see Brazilian Studz transform into Arabian Knights!! Standing in a three-man circle jerk, the hunky Almahdi Hamad’s mind wanders back to relaxing in a chair in his bedroom. While he enjoys his own hookah and some fresh fruit, Khuzaymajan and Riyadh Allah make out and grope each other on Almahdi’s bed. Almahdi seems to thoroughly enjoy his voyeuristic view, rubbing his own meat through his clothes, as his boys put on a show of sucking and rimming each other. When Riyadh squats over Khuzaymajan mouth, though, it’s more than the muscle stud can take. Both boys prove their worth as cocksuckers before Almahdi throws Khuzaymajan a raucous fuck and nuts on his flat stomach. Only way I could have liked this scene more would have been if I’d been feeding Almahdi those grapes myself

Posted on: March 02, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Rodrigo, Tommy and Vidal

The break Tommy got while hiking and watching Adrian and Vasco was enough to get the lead back in his pencil. He finds some old architecture in the jungle that is evidently being guarded by a police uniformed Rodrigo Rodrigo who seems bored as Tommy walks by. Just up the stairs, though, is a horny Vidal Silva tugging on his bone through his shorts. Tommy licks his lips and you know he’s thinking exactly what you are, “Somebody ought to be sucking on that.” Being as Tommy has already had an unfair share of huge cock it seems it should be one of us but since we weren’t available he gets on his knees and swallows another huge dick. Vidal’s cock isn’t just big, it’s a veiny fucker with that downward curve that helps it go right down your throat. Thing is, it’s so fat that it’s bigger than any guy’s throat could be. Tommy does a respectable job, though. He can, of course, accommodate even this big fucker up his ass and does. When Rodrigo Rodrigo walks up, though, it’s hard to tell what kind of trouble the guys are getting into. When his belt comes off, though, it’s clear that it’s the kind of trouble Tommy’s been finding all over Brazil. It’s another hard, loud fuck for Tommy but with a surprise turn around as Rodrigo turns his ass up for Vidal’s fat boner. Rodrigo gives us another reason to buy imported Brazilian produce just before Vidal nuts on his back and Tommy shoots on the ground.

Posted on: February 27, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Arabian Fantasy - Al, Almahdi, Imad and Nur

And the fantasy continues..... Nur has finally made his way into that bubble bath. He’s only got his legs in and he’s fisting that dick like he means it but then slides to the bottom of the tub to relax in the hot water and the foam. We go from his seductive lip licking and cock rubbing to find a beefy trio sitting back and rubbing on their cocks. Almahdi Hannad, Al Tufail and Imad Aldin all have been hitting the gym and it seems to have built up their fuck muscles as well. It’s a short chat before the cock sucking starts. All three guys are sporting a nice piece between their legs. Almahdi is one of those guys whose dick stands tight up against his abs when it’s hard and it looks delicious. While a good rim job is hot to watch regardless, when Imad squats down over Almahdi’s face to get eaten out it made my prick leak. This is another example of Alexander using voyeurism in a scene to great effect. Almahdi laying back and pulling his foreskin back and forth over his dick head while Al Tufail stretches Imad’s hole out is tremendously erotic. It’s not enough, though. After a marathon fuck from Al, Imad stays put and lets Almahdi slide in for a few slow strokes before really going to town. He’s a willing partner, though, and when Imad takes a seat he sits right down on his lap. He rides Imad’s cock until he squirts a big load all over the floor. The other guys follow suit and cream themselves with a couple of healthy shots.

Posted on: February 25, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Diego, Emilio and Felip

The scene opens with Emmilio Calvo dancing and stripping in a dark strip-club cage. His writhing and self-pleasure is too much for Felipe Sainz to handle. Soon, the erotic dancer approaches Felipe, their giant poles are exposed and the cock-eating begins. Meanwhile, sex-hungry Diego Lozana watches on from a few meters away until he finally decides to join the dark, Brazilian beauties for a three-way of massive proportions. All three of these dudes have dicks at least ten inches long, making this scene seem like all cock and nothing else! Somehow, Diego is still alive after his extremely tight hole is plucked and plundered by the first two big-dicked muscle-men in seemingly impossible positions

Posted on: February 23, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Arabian Playhouse - Nabih Sirajh and Yazid Aban

Here is another of our fantasy features as you see Brazilian Studz transform into Arabian Knights!! As we peer into the mind of Bayyah Azhar, Nabih Sirajh is watching young twink Yazid Aban toke on a hookah. After a quick smoke himself Nabih can’t seem to keep his hand off his crotch. The massively thick meat that Yazid eventually pulls out of Nabih’s pants is one of the biggest to make it’s way to the small screen. This uncut prick is more than Yazid can take in his mouth but not his ass. At least Nabih gives the boy a good rim job before tearing up his hot hole. These twinks fuck all over the room before Nabih shoves his monster back into Yazids mouth and comes all over his chest. I can’t help but wonder what I’d have to do to become the fluffer for Nabih.

Posted on: February 21, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Hernando Romano & Rafael Lopez

Hernando Romano, a thickly goateed dark-skinned hunk, is sleeping, but sporting a very big hardon. Roomie Rafael Lopez, with big eyes and bigger lips, comes in and can't rest, instead staring at it and getting himself hard. When he can't take it anymore, he starts sucking the thick thing, which doesn't initially please the skittish Hernando. However, Rafael does so well they end up 69ing. Hernando then leans Rafael up against the wall and fucks him. Rafael seems a bit scared of the whole thing, but Hernando takes him every which way until he lets off an enormous stream of cum.

Posted on: February 19, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Arabian Playhouse - Hakem Khaled, Nasir Badid and Aban Jadul

Here is another of our fantasy features as you see Brazilian Studz transform into Arabian Knights!! The nicely muscled Muzzafar’s thoughts linger on a hot three way between Hakem Khaled, Nasir Badid, and Aban Jadul. These hot twinks smoke a hookah that seems to contain more of the boner-inducing blend shared in the previous scene. The sexy fucks line up to swap head before they get down to some good old, nasty fucking. Nasir and Aban each take a turn backing up onto Hakem’s downward curved prick. Aban then takes Nasir and Hakem over the edge with his mouth and tongue and is rewarded with two big, creamy loads all over his chest. It’s enough to make me beg Alexander to hire me for cum clean-up.

Posted on: February 17, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Prison Breakers - Armando Bruno and Carlos

Miguel and his buddies, Isidro Alba and German Rojas, continue their exploration once they’ve seen what seems to be going on. It’s clear that the action is getting them a little heated up as well when they start making out and groping each other in the cover of the trees. What the see at their second stop are three guys doing some work on the site. Bruno Bordas, Carlos Sanchez, and Armando Campos don’t get much work done before they take a fuck break. One by one they unveil their big, uncut dicks and start giving each other a hot tongue bath. Bruno seems starved for dick and sucks his buddies dicks before taking first Armando and then Carlos up his ass. While the boys are fucking they almost get caught by the guard but are able to continue when he turns the other way. The size of the wads these guys dump on some filthy, old wooden pallets matches the size of their big dicks. Seems like pure luck that the guards couldn’t hear them grunting as they shoot! They get their cover-alls up just in time to keep out of trouble, though, as a guard comes out of the woods.

Posted on: February 15, 2011

BrazilianStudz: More 3-Way Positions

Chad discovers Antonio Pirez and Aries da Cunha making out in the hallway, so he invites them inside where Aries tops Antonio, than Chad tops Antonio!

Posted on: February 13, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Bayyhan, Imad and Wajid

Here is another of our fantasy features as you see Brazilian Studz transform into Arabian Knights!! Even while Imad Aldin is getting blown by Manuel Lozano he’s thinking back to a three-way with Bayyah Azhar and Wajid Talib. Seeing what Bayyah has between his legs makes it no surprise. Bayyah’s cock is made for fucking. Watching him go after Imad’s hole is enough to get any man off. Just when you think there can be nothing hotter than watching Imad’s throat and ass swallow Bayyah’s rod, Wajid fills Imad’s butt with a huge, phallic gourd. Bayyah holds open Imad’s gaping ass while Wajid fucks him with the vegetable. The cum shots that close this hot scene will make you wish you were the cameraman.

Posted on: February 12, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Fernando, Ivan and Tommy

In a different locker room area we catch Fernando Paes and Ivan Correa in a hot make-out session. Tommy, of course, finds his way into the midst of it. By the time he’s done with his tour of the inner stadium I don’t imagine he’s going to be able to sit on that sore ass! Ivan is clearly very turned on by being caught and then joined by Tommy and sits back to jack himself off while Fernando gets some superstar head. Fernando isn’t there for a blowjob, though. He’s there to fuck and he proves that he has what it takes. The pounding he gives Tommy is a lot rougher than his tight little body would make you think possible. He tears Tommy up and then sits back so Tommy can use his well-fucked ass to jack him off. It’s another ‘tip’ for the janitor when these hot fucks blow dump their wads on the bench. After the guys get dressed Tommy gives Fernando a smooch on the lips and then bends down for a little thank you kiss to the cock.

Posted on: February 10, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Jefferson, Diogo and Pedro

Half-awake, half-dreaming, Jeferson Garces caresses his own cock until two underwear-clad beauties appear out of nowhere. Both men begin tonguing the dream-boy, licking the briefs right off of each other. The bottom s hole is wettened and fingered in preparation for the pounding fuck session which follows. Producer Alexander must have sought high and wide all over Brazil for the largest cocks on the hottest musclemen. The man-dicks on these men should be measured in meters, not inches. The beautiful, round, fluffy bed all in white then becomes the scene for the climax of the sex session when globular clusters spew forth, rivaling the Big Bang itself.

Posted on: February 01, 2011

BrazilianStudz: Jefferson, Antonio and Ramon

After all of his cock-stiffening fantasies, Ramón finds himself in a disco, dancing and stripping with Antonio Jacques another big-muscled, dick-stuffing hottie. In the back-room behind the stage, Jeferson Garces finds himself in the middle of the two erotic models pleasuring both of them as he stuffs his mouth with one gigantic cock after another. The two dancers use and abuse all of Jefersons orifices, thumping and hammering their massive members until their jiz is finally spewed in pulsating delight. We then see how truly horny Ramón has been all this time, when he finally blows his buckets of white man-juice all over Jeferson s cute boy-bod!

Posted on: January 31, 2011

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